Happiness is Art. Craft is Happiness


“As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance”

– Calvin & Hobbes

Are you into art and craft and all things creative? Consider following questions:

  • Do you feel down when you don’t like the color of your room or your car?
  • Do you feel elated to capture a wonderful sunrise on vacation?
  • Does a unique book cover design invoke interest?
  • Do you find joy in re-inventing old recipies?
  • Does a handmade card or the sweater grandma knitted feel more special?
  • Do you marvel at the Taj Mahal or Michaelangelo’s David?
  • Bored in meetings or lectures, do you start scribbling or doodling on your notebook?

A yes to any of the above imply you are meant for art and craft. Because Art, craft and creativity are omnipresent. Everyone can be creative.Therefore, we, at Ityadia, believe that anybody can craft. And everybody should.

But what is Crafting anyway?

Crafting is an activity of making anything with dexterity and ideas.

Creating something new is probably the best form of expression of thought. And what is life without thoughts and expressions. So to create, we live and to create we live!

Art is a line around your thoughts.” ~ Gustav Klimt

Historically, art and craft have always been a part of all households. Traditionally, in India, the women of the house made beautiful patterns in their courtyard every day. These were known as Rangoli, Alpona, Kolam or other names. Across the world, ancient tribes painted the mud walls of their huts to give them an identity- a sense of belonging. Across the world, Christmas decor and handmade gifts light up the festive mood in everyone. And what is a city without a great art museum?

An Indian Rangoli

Alpona- a traditional art in Bengali households in India

A beautiful Christmas decor is always there to lift up your festive spirits

Whatever the science of art says, whatever the research indicates, for us #Ityadians, it is a way of life. We invite you to our personal diary of creativity.

Ityadia as an idea was born years back. We are three architects, Amasikha, Ipsita and Suprita, who got tired of our 9am-6pm office life five days a week, with little time to spare for ourselves. We started crafting, making little things of joy, things which made us happy. Avid travellers that we are, we started crafting on weekends we weren’t travelling.

And happiness returned! Hence our idea of bringing all the happy and sad souls together, so that we all learn to spare some time for things we like to do, may be on our own or with friends and family.

Ityadian Amasikha at our first craft kiosk in 2016

An eye for creativity and dexterity helps us customise everything in our life, starting from crafting experimental dishes in the kitchen, making mini gardens in city apartments, to travelling places to understand the art and culture of the place.

We will share all our experiences here with our readers, and would be really happy if we can inspire people to take up their brushes today and colour their world!

Happy crafting! As always, remember that happiness is only handmade! Do write in to ityadia@gmail.com to tell us how you colored your world.

Don’t you think so, too?


Team Ityadia.

From the left: Suprita, Ipsita and Amasikha

Calvin and Hobbes Photo credit: https://i.imgur.com/9FTohbs.jpg


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