6 tips for your next DIY storage box

I have far too much storage ~ said no-one ever.

And who doesn’t love handmade boxes! While there are many DIY tutorials on how to make such boxes, following are few tips to help make your job easier:

1. Look around for readymade frameworks

We often have various frameworks at home, which we can readily use as a base for the box. So, try finding items like a shoe box, old egg carton or a metal cookie box

2. If you are making it from scratch, look for a sturdy material and adhesive

Remember, earrings can be heavy. So can be your pendants. Hence, choose a sturdy material for your box. Cardboard, mount board, ivory sheets, or sun-board sheet will just work fine as the base.

Next, be sure you select a good adhesive for sticking the different parts of the box, else they might give off under weight. We suggest epoxy instant glue for better results.

You also need a proper cutter for that finesse. We suggest an X-Acto-knife, but if you don’t have one near you, get a paper cutter with about 3/4th inch wide blade. Make sure you don’t cut yourself or the floor- use a cutting mat or glass table.


X-Acto knife- Photo by Evan-Amos (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

3. Go for the appropriate size and shape as per requirement

Decide what you want to store in the box. If it is for chains, it’s better to have a flat long box since chains won’t require depth for storage. However, earrings can be of various shapes and sizes and hence, a cuboidal box or a round cookie box would be of help.

The compartments would also vary. Long compartments for chains, and small box compartments for earrings or work out good.

4. Keep options for closing your box as and when required

Sometimes you may need to carry your valued box when you are travelling. Keeping this in mind, keep options for closing the box if required. It may be a silk ribbon or a thread closure to just tie up the box ends (Boxes 1 & 2), or you might use magnetic snaps for a better grip (as shown in Box 3).

Box 1- Thread tie up
Box 2- Ribbon tie up
Box 3- Magnetic closure

5. Keep space for hanging those earrings

While you may keep the studs inside the small compartments, you may like to hang your longer earring avoid tangling. Also, they look beautiful!


6. Finally, deck it up and customise it for yourself!

The finish is the ultimate nail to be hammered. Depending on you preferences, the finish might be of coloured paper (it can be a same base paper if it is thick enough- 250/300 GSM), patterned sheet, or even fabric. Try customising it with ribbons, beads or if you are sure enough, paint it. Make it yours!

ITYADIA’s take on a DIY storage box

We, at Ityadia, tried a prototype with coloured sheets of 250 GSM. For the finish, we used permanent marker for design. Few pictures of the end product-

Let us know in the comments section if this was helpful. You can also mail us at ityadia@gmail.com


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