The Colourful world of Coasters!

Coasters are typically small pieces of material that protects your table from your hot/chilled cup of beverage. We often call it the beverage mat amongst other popular names like drink coaster, beermat etc. But they are more than just mats. They can be your personalized piece of art on the table, while being purposeful at the same time.

Most significantly, they can be crafted out of anything. And everything.

Paper. Cork Sheet. Foam board. Wood. Card Board. Rope. Metal. Wall Tiles. Terracotta. Fabric. Slate. Leather. Glass. Bottle crowns. Even quick drying Concrete! And the list goes on…

Of course you will get loads and loads of coasters in the market but we recommend that you be creative and design your coasters. This is probably the only craft where the only tutorial you absolutely need is your imagination!

Coasters can be circular, square, puzzle like, triangular, polygonal or better still shapeless. And they make perfect personalized gifts. Here are some keep-in-minds before you plunge into coaster crafting:

  1. Waterproofing

    The coasters have to be water-proof to be effective. To do this, you can use water-proof paint or spray paint. You can also use water-proof glue to decoupage, if you are using paper or tissues to make your coasters.

  2. Make a theme-based set

    Coasters are always better in a set. Typically 4 to 6 in number, try making them with an underlying theme. Think Harry Potter or think under water. Think rangoli or think Italy. Think rainbow or think in-the-dark-glow. Your theme can be anything. And everything. Your dinner décor & cutlery can also be a great source of inspiration. The coasters can compliment or be a contrast to your table décor.

  3. Making the top surfaces flat

    This is crucial. Make sure your top coat is flat and smooth to avoid liquid spills or other cup disasters. Avoid using crystals or beads for embellishments on coaster tops.

  4. Materials for hot tea/coffee coasters

If you use your coaster for your steamy hot coffee or tea, then try using sturdier and stronger materials which are poor conductors of heat like wood or cork board. Avoid glass, fabric, felt, metal or paper based coasters for these.

Ityadia’s take on Coasters:

We have, over the years, attempted to make coasters from various materials. Popsicle sticks are great since they are naturally water-proof. You can also hand paint or spray paint them easily to add colours and sparkle. Or highlight its natural texture with wood finish paint. Here we have used coloured popsicle sticks.

Popsicle coasters
Colourful coasters for the dining table we tend to ditch for the idiot box

We also made a set with cork sheet, which can be hand-painted or spray painted. You could choose a design theme to run through the set of coasters.

Next, we tried decoupage art. For the base, we used table calendar backs (you can also use cardboard) and then decoupaged printed images on it. Make sure you use water proof decoupage paint on it. These coasters are super easy to make and a fun way to up-cycle old calendars!

Finally, we tried these cool paper weaves (with matt origami paper) and then simply laminated them for waterproofing. These, in bigger scale can also be used as table mats.

Hope you liked our ideas. Do write in to us at to share your coaster crafts.

As always, remember that happiness is only handmade!


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