Ityadia is an attempt by three architects and craft-crazy besties to rise above the mundane-ness of corporate lives and embark on a journey towards ITYADI, the extras of life. Extras, that have been ignored, shunned, locked-up and abandoned. Extras that add specialness to our lives.

Time to take out our creative juices, while they are still fresh. Time to shake them well and serve. On the rocks.
We wouldn’t like to call our endeavor a start-up, because, frankly, we had started a long time back. Somewhere, in the process of securing our futures, we just forgot to take care of the extras of our lives, the extras, which were in actuality, the fundamentals of our lives. Art, craft, travel, food and all things happy & creative.

Our theme? Simplicity and Creativity. We are a sucker for the simple and the creative!